SeleART is a particular kind of site. It is a site by invitation, reserved to the best antique dealers in the world, which may expose their pieces freely and manage their insertions independently. In order to achieve the maximum quality of the exposed objects and therefore the quality of the site, we have fixed some rules which the exhibitor should know and accept at the moment he decides to be part of SeleART.

1. Only art and antique objects will be accepted.

2. The attributions of the objects have to be truthful; in case they may be uncertain, it should be specified.

3. SeleART reserves the right to choose the exhibitors and equally may decide in every moment to remove those exhibitors, which donŐt respect the few existing rules, from the site without them not pretending anything else but the subscription fee.

4. These rules, eventhough representing the maximum effort to guarantee quality and authenticity of the objects exposed on the site, donŐt constitute absolute authenticity guarantee. Therefore the site Management is totally relieved from any kind of responsibility concerning the contents of the site.

5. The site Management isn't in any way or on any basis concerned with the negotiations of the exposed objects.

We believe that by structuring the site in a very similar way to an exhibit of the highest levels, we'll be able to guarantee quality and not quantity. As much as we believe that the cooperation of the antique dealers is essential and they'll be certainly repaid by a very useful work tool.