Pair of marble vases

Roma, first half of XVII century

Marmo Africano marble

Dim.  cm. h. 44 x l. 33


    Pair of marble vases in "Marmo Africano" shaped as an urn with the body carved in spiral waves has the two attached handles. the square base is in "Giallo Antico". A very similar pair using the same marbles are in Rome, Palazzo del Quirinale (Published in "Fasto Romano" pag. 205, pic. 164). All the other vases that can be compared derives from the Giovanni Angelo Carini's drawings, some of which are at the Luovre Museum. The pair shown in the Louvre Museum, as all the other vases made in the same period, are made in "Porfido Egiziano" (Porphyre, pic 36), they are more similar to the drawings by Carini and don't have a marble base. The artists usually take the drawings for a long time as the main idea, then everytime with the future owner they decide together if make it the same or make some little changhes, like the kind of marble (more or less precious), dimensions and finishings. In this case the normal vogue vase to use the "Porfido Egiziano" quite rare but vary common in the roman villas, this could be a reason the Committor made is choice for a more rare and uncommon kind of marble such the "Marmo Africano". More often this kind of vases where taken off from the recarving of old columns of  the roman period.

dott. Andrea Ciaroni

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Titel: Pair of marble vases
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